Dr. Murray Waldman

Murray Waldman, M.D., is a coroner for the City of Toronto and on staff at the University of Toronto. He has been chief of one of Canada's busiest emergency departments, medical director and chief of staff of a large rehabilitation hospital, and medical director of several major corporations. Dr. Waldman has published articles in the Toronto Star and many medical journals, and has lectured at both national and international meetings. He lives in Toronto.
Marjorie Lamb is a writer, broadcaster, and author of several books, including the bestselling Two Minutes a Day for a Greener Planet. She wrote and performed "Environmental Minute" for CBC Television, and hosted the award-winning environmental television series Your Green Home. She lives in Toronto.

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by the author

Dying for a Hamburger

Murray Waldman, M.D., and Marjorie Lamb
Thomas Dunne Books

One in ten people older than sixty-five, and nearly half of those older than eighty-five, have Alzheimer's disease.  It's widely accepted nowadays that memory...

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