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Q & A

1. If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound wealth?
I would probably run away from civilized life and purchase a small cabin in the country upstate or northern Ontario with a large pond in the backyard. We would play pick-up hockey and drink hot cocoa, and every Saturday I would go into town and sell jams and pickled goods at the local farmers market, then come home to watch CBC Hockey Night in Canada.

2.What book, movie, TV show, or album has changed your life, and how?
I bought The Avett Brothers' Four Thieves Gone album after seeing them live at the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in 2006. By the summer of 2007, I had bonded with my now-best friend over the band and we were driving my truck down south for ten days listening to Americana music and sleeping in parking lots.

3. Who's your favorite fictional character, and why?
Sidd Finch. George Plimpton wrote a piece for the Sports Illustrated April Fool's edition and the subsequent book about Finch, who could pitch 168 mph while only wearing one boot. I was able to convince my 9th grade English teacher that this individual existed and was allowed to do a report based on Plimpton's book, claiming it to be a biography and not a work of fiction.

4. Who's your present celebrity crush? Name a past (and hopefully embarrassing) celebrity crush.
My current "celebrity" crush is on the Buffalo Sabres' Nathan Gerbe. Gerbe is the shortest person in the NHL and doesn't take any crap on the ice. Our children would be short, scrappy, left-handed monsters terrorizing the giants of this world.
When I was growing up I was madly in love with Dean Cain back in the Lois and Clark and The Adventures of Superman days. Present-day me is proud of that crush because he was originally drafted by the Buffalo Bills, but suffered a career-ending knee injury.

5. What's the last totally selfless thing somene did for you---be it emotional, monetary, or just telling you that you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe...?
I was interning in a bakery for Robicelli's one night a week while I was still employed full time. I was just doing it for fun at the time because I loved to bake and wanted to hang out in a kitchen. The day I got laid off, I told the owners Matt and Allison and their response was, "We'll take care of you." Now, not only am I employed, but I have a job that I love and am lucky to work for people that have my back.



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