Tom Avery

Tom Avery

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Tom Avery

Tom Avery is one of the brightest stars among the new generation of young explorers. As one of only forty-one people in history to have reached both the North and South Poles on foot and a veteran of over a dozen mountain and polar expeditions, Tom holds several exploration world records and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for leading “the fastest surface journey to the North Pole.” He lives in Wimbledon, England.

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Tom Avery on his trips to the South and North Pole

Watch this video and meet explorer and author Tom Avery, and join him on treks to the North and South Pole.

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To the End of the Earth

Tom Avery
St. Martin's Press

April 2009 is the one-hundredth anniversary of perhaps the greatest controversy in the history of exploration. Did U.S. Naval Commander Robert Peary and his...

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