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Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader

Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader

Bathroom Reader's Institute and Joyce L. Vedral

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

We're back again, overflowing with great new material for a third volume of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. No more frantic searches at the last minute for that perfect magazine article. No agonizing choices between light reading and the serious stuff. Volume three has it all-Entertainment, humor, politics, pop culture, science, history, gossip...And more! Of course, it's still divided by length-you can spend a minute with the Quickies, relax with Regular-Length articles, or get really comfortable with Long Items.

With Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader strategically placed in your home, you'll settle in happily and read about:

-The origin of Rocky and Bullwinkle
-The Rolling Stones' Big Ripoff
-The Real Story of Cinderella
-Dick Nixon, Football Coach
-Censorship in America
-What's in a Twinkie
-Elvis Sightings
-And a Host of Great Bathroom Topics!


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About the author

Bathroom Reader's Institute and Joyce L. Vedral

In 1987, Uncle John found himself stranded on his throne with nothing to read. That's when he came up with the idea to launch a series of trivia books specifically tailored toward his fellow bathroom readers. He gathered together the best trivia writers he could find and charged them with the task of combing the worlds of science, history, sports, politics, and pop culture to compile dozens of interesting articles that could be absorbed in just a few minutes. Now, with more than ten million books in print and a membership base topping 40,000 loyal readers, the movement begat by Uncle John is stronger than ever.

Bathroom Readers' Institute

Joyce L. Vedral

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