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Total Nutrition

Total Nutrition

The Only Guide You'll Ever Need - From The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Victor Herbert, MD, F.A.C.P.; Edited by Genell J. Subak-Sharpe

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Facts are healthier than fads. New myths and theories about nutrition splash across the headlines every day. Americans spend over $12 billion a year on worthless-even dangerous-nutrtion products. Total Nutrition replaces fads and ignorance with scientific fact.

"A feast of information," says USA Today. What's the best way to give a baby a healthy start? What is the right diet for someone with diabetes or heart disease or arthritis? Do sugar and food additives make children hyperactive? Can foods and vitamins protect against disease? How do foods and medicines interact? What weight-loss diet is both safe and effective? What should an athlete eat for top performance?

The thinking person's guide to nutrition: With forty-one chapters packed with expert medical advice and over two hundred tables, illustrations, and sample menus, this book gives the clear, authoritative answers to all of these questions and more. As fitness broadcaster and columnist Gabe Mirkin, M.D., says, "It is so full of solid scientific information about food that everyone should own a copy."


Praise for Total Nutrition

“A feast of information.” —USA Today

“Every family needs one. Every family physician should read and recommend it...This is a very significant book.” —John H. Renner, M.D., President, Consumer Health Information Research Institute

“In a nutshell, this is the book that contains everything. It is not a gimmick-just straight facts...The book's practical information is outstanding.” —American Dietetic Association

“An easy-to-read, thorough, scientifically sound, all-in-one reference book to guide the average person to an educated approach to healthy eating.” —Nutrition Today

“[A] clearly written guide [and] excellent reference source.” —Library Journal (starred)

“A big, thorough book that is helpful and easy to follow.” —Atlantic Monthly

“The nutrition and health counterpart to The Joy of Cooking [that] should be in the home of anyone who wants the recipe for good health through good nutrition.” —Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, President, American Council for Science & Health

“Recommended not only for the general public but also for professionals.” —Nutrition and the M.D.

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About the author

Victor Herbert, MD, F.A.C.P.; Edited by Genell J. Subak-Sharpe

Victor Herbert, MD, F.A.C.P. (1927-2002) is a professor and medical doctor, and the author of Total Nutrition.

Victor Herbert MD

Genell J. Subak-Sharpe

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