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The Judgment

The Judgment

A Charley Sloan Courtroom Thriller

Charley Sloan Courtroom Thrillers (Volume 3)

William J. Coughlin

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The death of innocence

In a rural area outside of Detroit, bodies are being found in the snow. One after another. Neatly washed, wrapped in platic, methodically laid out like sleeping angels. And very, very young.

The birth of evil

Forty miles away and at the other end of the world, an honest cop, the deputy chief chief of police, has been framed for a corruption charge. In a world of big-city politics, he wants ace lawyer Charley Sloan to get him off.

The only hope

Pulled into the two very different cases, Charley faces the heat of a perplexnig serial murder investigation and the heavey hitters of the Motor City's inner circle. Interviewing witnesses, putting together clues, Charley Sloan, a man who has been at the bottom and at the top, is about to uncover the explosive difference between true innocence-and the most dangerous guilt of all...

The Judgement


Praise for The Judgment

“Vintage Coughlin. Sharp, tight, and full of suspense.” —Scott Turow

“If you don't have time to finish The Judgment, don't start it.” —Paul Lindsay, author of Freedom to Kill

“Coughlin wrote taut and suspenseful novels of the legal system before Scott Turow ever lifted a pen.” —Washington Times

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About the author

William J. Coughlin

William J. Coughlin, a former defense attorney and judge in Detroit for twenty years, was the author of sixteen novels. He lived in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, with his wife, Ruth, an author and book critic.

William J. Coughlin

William J. Coughlin

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