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So Far Back

So Far Back

A Novel

Pam Durban





Sixty-year-old Louisa Hilliard--the last descendent of one of Charleston's oldest and most prominent families -- is caring for her ailing mother. An upright, unmarried spinster, Louisa has spent her life looking after others. In the aftermath of a hurricane that turns her life upside down, she finds a battered diary kept by one of her ancestors. The journal recounts the story of Diana, a 19th-century slave who worked for the Hilliards, but sought to improve her life and her means, and was severely punished. Diana's fate is gradually revealed, even as Louisa discovers objects in her house missing, moved, dented, and seemingly handled by an unappeasable presence. In some small way trying to set right age-old wrongs, Louisa discovers how her own life is entangled in her family's haunted history. So Far Back is a nuanced and resonant portrait of two families sharing an enduring past and an uneasy present.


Walking Tour of the Historic District Charleston, South Carolina Site No. 1
This is the Fireproof Building, current home to the South Carolina Historical Society. Designed in the Classical Revival style by the young architect and native Charlestonian...


Praise for So Far Back

“ Superb...Pam Durban emerges as a forceful novelist.” —New York Times Book Review

“ A knockout of a first novel.” —Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Strong, evacotive, often wry...pleasurable, as well as affecting reading.” —Washington Post Book World

“Exhilarating.” —Boston Sunday Globe

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About the author

Pam Durban

Pam Durban is the author of The Laughing Place and All Set About With Fever Trees. She has received numerous awards including a Whiting Writer's Award. She teaches at Georgia State University, where she is one of the founding editors of Five Points Magazine.

Pam Durban

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