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File...Don't Pile

File...Don't Pile

A proven filing system for personal and professional use

Pat Dorff

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

If you have ever watched the stacks of papers, magazins, clippings, and projects pile up out of control, File...Don't Pile will provide fast, easy practical advice. More than a collection of random hints, this handy guide presents systems of organization for every conceivable type of household paper. Topics covered include:

How to cut through the clutter--the 5 step solution
Choosing the right paper-control system for your needs
10 questions to determine whether to save a piece of paper
Categorizing, tab systems, coding systems, indexing, cross-referencing
How to plan for growth and expansion
Keeping files current and useful--the 4 step maintenance plan
Creating and using a personal business file

Plus comprehensive systems for organizing mail, greeting cards, a Rolodex, newspapers, and magazines, coupons, and much more, including sample file headings for a wide variety of useful subjects. File..Don't Pile is the fast prescription for anyone drowning in household paper.


Praise for File...Don't Pile

“As an organizer, I am more excited about this book than any other I have seen in a long time, and it is the only one written totally on the subject of paper.” —Bonnie McCullough, author of Totally Organized and Bonnie's Household Organizer

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About the author

Pat Dorff

Patt Dorff is a professional librarian, lecturer, consultant and creator of the File... Don't Pile workshop. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her two daughters Molly and Amy who are also clippers and savers.

Pat Dorff

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