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Ecstatic Trails

Ecstatic Trails

The 52 Best Day Hikes and Nature Walks In and Around Los Angeles

Rob Campbell

L.A. Weekly Books


Trade Paperback

Los Angeles is a hiker's perfect playground: from enchanted canyons to bountiful beaches, the range of terrain provides an almost endless variety of trails, vistas, and even weather conditions.

Organized by level of difficulty, beginning with the most forgiving trails and building up to the toughest, Ecstatic Trails emphasizes the experience of the hike, guiding you to romantic hikes, trails that are right for children, thrill hikes, day trips you can build around a picnic, or intense paths perfect for solitary exploration.

Everything a novice hiker or experienced trailblazer needs is here, including:
--detailed maps
--driving directions
--restrictions, including whether dogs are permitted
--the amount of time each hike is likely to take
--featured elements and trail descriptions

From wildflower walks to dramatic waterfall treks, from sunset outings to trails that provide cool breezes in the midst of summer, Ecstatic Trails is packed with a year's worth of happy hiking.


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About the author

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell is the author of The Serious Shopping Guide: Los Angeles and Plato's Garage, essays about car culture. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Times, Buzz and Out. He lives in California.

Rob Campbell

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