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The Eagle and the Wolves

The Eagle and the Wolves

A Novel of the Roman Army

Eagle Series (Volume 4)

Simon Scarrow

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

The most dangerous mission of their military careers awaits two heroes of the Roman army in Britain.

In The Eagle and the Wolves, the epic fourth novel of Simon Scarrow's series, it's A.D. 44 and Vespasian and the Roman Army's Second Legion are forging ahead in their campaign to seize the southwest. Centurion Macro and newly appointed Centurion Cato are ordered by Vespasian to provide Verica, aged ruler of the Atrebates, with an army. They must train his tribal levies into a force that can protect him, enforce his rule, and take on the increasingly ambitious raids that the enemy is launching.

But open revolt is brewing. Despite the Atrebates' official allegiance to Rome, many are wary of the legions and want to resist the Roman invaders, and Macro and Cato must first win the loyalty of the disgruntled levies before tackling the enemy without. Can they succeed while surviving a deadly plot to destroy both them and their comrades serving with the eagles? In the midst of this highly volatile situation, Macro and Cato face the greatest test of their army careers. Theirs is a brazen tale of military adventure, political intrigue, and heroism, as only they stand between the destiny of Rome and bloody defeat.

"A relatively new master of the genre."---Booklist


Praise for The Eagle and the Wolves

"Simon Scarrow's stories of Roman military action in Britain have gathered quite a fan club and it's not hard to see why... Scarrow is highly skilled at describing violent action... for those who like their historical fiction to include plenty of bloody thrills and spills, Scarrow's latest book will prove irresistible" - Living History

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About the author

Simon Scarrow

Simon Scarrow teaches at City College in Norwich. He has in the past run a Roman History program taking parties of students to a number of ruins and museums across Britain. He lives in Norfolk, and The Eagle and the Wolves is his fourth novel featuring Macro and Cato.

Simon Scarrow

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