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The American Revelation

The American Revelation

Ten Ideals That Shaped Our Country from the Puritans to the Cold War

Neil Baldwin

St. Martin's Griffin


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In The American Revelation, Neil Baldwin, one of our most exciting and provocative intellectual historians, applies his formidable energies to the story of how the American Spirit developed over four centuries, through an inspiring—and unsparing—examination of selected ideals that have helped inform our culture through the vivid personalities who set the course.

Figures both familiar and forgotten illuminate this timely narrative of popular history that enlivens the current debate about America's proper role in a turbulent post-9/11 world. Though an ideal may have been forgotten, that does not mean it no longer has the power to move us and shape our future.

Exuberant and lively, The American Revelation will inspire all readers, regardless of their politics, to revisit and revalue our country's high-minded heritage.


Praise for The American Revelation

“Neil Baldwin enriches our understanding of America, and the part we might -- indeed must -- play in living its animating ideals. He identifies ten ideals that we think of as quintessentially American, and traces their origination in ten compelling individuals. He endows political bloviation, rhetoric and common slogans with the beating heart of human aspiration beset by doubt, challenged by circumstance, and withal renewed, by the people in trials beyond the imagination of the founders.” —Sir Harold Evans, author of They Made America

“At a time when there is a lot of uninformed talk about American values, it's important to reach back and understand what those values truly are. Neil Baldwin does it in this smart and thoughtful narrative by looking at ten examples, ranging from John Winthrop's great sermon invoking a city on a hill, to the Marshall Plan, which saved the prospect of free-market democracy in Europe.” —Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

“In his new book, Neil Baldwin focuses on individuals who developed and promulgated ideas that helped shape the American ideal. These profiles... illuminate the galvanizing beliefs that unify Americans -- even as red and blue states battle over their interpretation.” —The Chicago Tribune – Best of 2005

“In The American Revelation, Neil Baldwin gives us ten short, often eloquent profiles rather than a broad narrative... compelling.” —The Wall Street Journal - Editor's Choice

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About the author

Neil Baldwin

Neil Baldwin is the author of many works of biography and nonfiction, including most recently Henry Ford and the Jews: The Mass-Production of Hate and Edison: Inventing the Century. He is co-Chair of the NYU Biography Seminar and (as of September 2006) Distinguished Visiting Professor of History at Montclair State University. He lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

Neil Baldwin

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