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Welding with Children

Welding with Children


Tim Gautreaux



Trade Paperback

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

In eleven raucous, touching stories, Tim Gautreaux's Welding with Children traces the course of sin and redemption through the lives of small-town women and men in Louisiana. His unforgettable characters include a grandfather who discovers, while taking care of his grandchildren, that they are growing up without any sense at all of right and wrong; a camera repairman who discovers a woman's secret in her undeveloped film; and a one-armed hitchhiker who changes the life of the man who picks her up. Each one a small miracle of storytelling and compassion, Tim Gautreaux's stories are "a pleasure from start to finish. You want to hand [this book] to your friends and say 'read this' " (The Plain Dealer).


Praise for Welding with Children

“Both hilarious and honest . . . Gautreaux applies love and compassion, knowledge and ingenuity to create something superb.” —The Seattle Times

“Startling and redemptive . . . These stories suggest . . . that to be alive means being open to grief and accident, chance and wonder.” —The Chicago Tribune

“Move Garrison Keilor's Lake Wobegon stories to Louisiana, add heat and Tabasco, and the result would be Welding With Children.” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Gautreaux has perfect pitch . . . it's his fiction's coarse incongruities--epitomized by the book's title--that prove the limitless possibilities of limited geography.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Finely balanced, sweet and gritty.” —The San Francisco Chronicle

“A pleasure from start to finish.” —The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

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About the author

Tim Gautreaux

Tim Gautreaux has written novels and collections of short stories, one of which, Welding With Children, was selected by The New York Times as a Notable Book of the Year. His fiction has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, GQ, and Zoetrope, and also in volumes of The O. Henry Prize Stories, Best American Short Stories, and New Stories from the South. He is a professor emeritus/writer in residence in the English Department at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Tim Gautreaux

Tim Gautreaux

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