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Susan Shapiro

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Edgy Manhattan shutterbug Rachel Solomon can’t wait to escape her difficult Midwestern Jewish family of doctors—and her crazy, condescending WASP friend and photography mentor, Elizabeth Mann. Not so easy when Elizabeth marries Rachel’s surgeon-brother, moves to the Midwest, and becomes the daughter Rachel’s mother always wanted—one who pops out four babies in a row, who are named after Rachel’s dead Yiddish-speaking relatives.

Although Rachel long ago rejected the suburban female role, she’s shocked to find she’s been replaced. With unsparing candor, sparkling emotional insights, and hilarity, the girl who  cut herself out of old photographs now has to  fight  her way back into the Solomons’  photo albums, homes, and hearts.

From the author of the hilarious fictional debut Speed Shrinking—which became an international phenomenon—and the acclaimed memoir of past passion Five Men Who Broke My Heart comes a new book that blows the lid off of the secrets of female friendship.  Based on a true story, Susan Shapiro’s darkly comic novel Overexposed chronicles the brilliantly twisted tale of two strong women who wind up switching lives.


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part one
chapter one
new vision
August 9, 2000
We met the day I replaced her.
I was sitting at my newly assigned desk after hours, still psyched out of my mind to be an art assistant at Vision magazine, when she ran in, startling me. She was a tall, gangly brunette, older than I was. Taking off her raincoat, she draped it across a chair, along with her leather handbag, as if she owned the place. She was wearing a V-neck ash-colored sweater and gray pants. There was a rip on the bottom of her pant leg, and her flats were caked with mud.
“Jane’s gone already?”


Praise for Overexposed

“Funny and original, with a soulfulness beneath the humor that makes it moving as well. Susan Shapiro is one of the funniest writers about love, marriage, and family that I know of today.

—Ian Frazier, bestselling author of Dating Your Mom


“Hip, hilarious, and heartbreaking”

 —Erica Kennedy, author of the bestseller Bling and Feminista


“As sharp, edgy, true-to-life, and poignant as an Annie Leibovitz photo. Shapiro gives us an intense prince-and-the-pauper friendship in a plot with freaky-Friday twists and turns, that, like your own friendship, you don’t want to ever end.”

—Jennifer Belle, author of the bestseller Going Down and The Seven Year Bitch



Praise for Susan Shapiro


“Susan Shapiro’s voice is so passionate and honest, it’s bewitching.”

—Erica Jong, author of Fear of Flying


“An irresistible energy, winning humor and breathtakingly frank honesty.”

—Phillip Lopate, author of Two Marriages


“Fierce, compelling, unputdownable.”

—Gael Greene, author of Insatiable


“Sly, funny, on the money”

—Rita Mae Brown, author of Rubyfruit Jungle


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  • Susan Shapiro

  • SUSAN SHAPIRO is the author of Speed Shrinking, Five Men Who Broke My Heart, Lighting Up, and  Only as Good as Your Word. She lives with her husband, a TV/film writer, in Greenwich Village, where she teaches her popular “instant gratification takes too long” classes at The New School, NYU and private workshops.

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A Novel

Susan Shapiro



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