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The Hard Way

The Hard Way

Julie Luongo

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Trade Paperback

Lucy Venier changes careers and boyfriends as often as she changes her socks. Although gifted with wit and creativity, the one thing Lucy lacks is focus. While being someone she's not, be it crime reporter or sleep-deprived law student, Lucy's one constant is art. Her insatiable desire to create is fueled by her offbeat life experiences. But unfortunately by day Lucy must hide her creativity under her business suit.

As if figuring out her life isn't hard enough, all of Lucy's friends are getting married. But Lucy's not sure if she's capable of living happily ever after. With a string of loser former flames, giving up seems to be the best option. But then there's Ben—Lucy's Mr. Right who comes at completely the wrong time. But is he truly The One? Did Lucy miss her chance?

In the tradition of The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Hard Way is a scrapbook of stories from Lucy's life. As she discovers more about the people around her, will she finally begin to understand herself?


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Praise for The Hard Way

“Lucy Venier's search for happiness takes her on a bumpy but ultimately fulfilling ride in Luongo's witty debut.” —Publishers Weekly

“I absolutely fell in love with the character of Lucy. Julie Luongo is a masterful writer, nimble and quick and insanely sincere.” —Stephanie Lessing, author of Miss Understanding

“These linked stories are highly entertaining and highly intelligent, formally invigorating and emotionally satisfying. Lucy's blunders and triumphs as she negotiates sex, love, family, and the difficulties of living a creative life, make for a terrific tale, thanks to Julie Luongo's wit, her timing--and her big heart.” —Daisy Fried, author of She Didn't Mean to Do It

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About the author

Julie Luongo

JULIE LUONGO has worked as a university instructor, freelance writer, researcher, editor, reporter, and business consultant. She's written about theater, fishing, and entertainment. Luongo lives in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The Hard Way is her first novel.

Julie Luongo

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