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No Applause--Just Throw Money

No Applause--Just Throw Money

The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous

Trav S.D.

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A seriously funny look at the roots of American Entertainment

When Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin were born, variety entertainment had been going on for decades in America, and like Harry Houdini, Milton Berle, Mae West, and countless others, these performers got their start on the vaudeville stage. From 1881 to 1932, vaudeville was at the heart of show business in the States. Its stars were America's first stars in the modern sense, and it utterly dominated American popular culture. Writer and modern-day vaudevillian Trav S.D. chronicles vaudeville's far-reaching impact in No Applause--Just Throw Money. He explores the many ways in which vaudeville's story is the story of show business in America and documents the rich history and cultural legacy of our country's only purely indigenous theatrical form, including its influence on everything from USO shows to Ed Sullivan to The Muppet Show and The Gong Show. More than a quaint historical curiosity, vaudeville is thriving today, and Trav S.D. pulls back the curtain on the vibrant subculture that exists across the United States--a vast grassroots network of fire-eaters, human blockheads, burlesque performers, and bad comics intent on taking vaudeville into its second century.


No Applause - Just Throw Money

While the vaudevillian, as we commonly think of him, did not take the stage until the late nineteenth century, he carried with him a couple of...



I Feel Great

Trav S.D. performs the opening song in his revue "No Applause, Just throw Money: The Show That Made Vaudeville Famous", at Theater for the New City, Sept 2008.


Praise for No Applause--Just Throw Money

No Applause is a fabulous book worthy of its fabulous topic. Clever, thoughtful, and comprehensive, it is beautifully written and exhaustively researched, and it reminds us of the myriad ways in which vaudeville dominated urban America for half a century and more.” —Kenneth T. Jackson, professor of history, Columbia University and editor of The Encyclopedia of New York City

“Trav S.D. has created an essential (and very funny) history of American popular entertainment, particularly for those of us trying to create popular entertainment today.” —Greg Kotis, creator of Urinetown

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Trav S.D.

Trav S.D. is top banana at the American Vaudeville Theatre. His writing has appeared in The Village Voice, American Theatre, Time Out New York, and Reason.

Trav S.D.

Joseph Silva

Trav S.D.

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