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Denting the Bosch

Denting the Bosch

A Novel of Marriage, Friendship, and Expensive Household Appliances

Teresa Link

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A gorgeously written, sharp debut novel about three middle-aged couples who find themselves unmoored in the prime of their lives

Three couples in San Diego—best friends, empty nesters living the California dream—have reached a tipping point. With the blurry years of child rearing and corporate ladder-climbing over, each pair is finally free to enjoy the golden years together. Until two of the husbands suddenly announce they want a divorce.

As marriages and friendships unravel and the prosperity of the last few decades spins toward financial meltdown, Adele, Maggie and Sylvia find their carefully established footholds and expectations crumbling.

Denting the Bosch marks the debut of a talented new voice, and offers an alternatively hilarious and devastating assessment of modern life, marriage, middle age, friendship, money, sex and the American Dream.



THERE WERE NO STORMS in Southern California. There were earthquakes, mud slides, fires—but no storms. When it rained, they called it a storm. "San Diego prepares for another winter storm," the newscasters announced grimly,...


Praise for Denting the Bosch

“The best stories begin where most stories end. What if you finally have it all--marriage, grown children, money, a house by the sea... What happens next? Link raises the curtain right there at the happy ending, for an unblinking look at grown women, lovely homes, sun-soaked Southern California, and the economic apocalypse that is at once moving and hilarious, satiric and generously imagined.” —Jincy Willett, author of The Writing Class, Winner of the National Book Award and Jenny and the Jaws of Life

Denting the Bosch is an intelligent, serious, eloquent tale of three women facing the truths of their lives, learning to accept the changes, and moving on with courage and joy.” —Nancy Thayer, author of Heat Wave, Beachcombers, and The Hot Flash Club

Denting the Bosch broke my heart over and over again, in small ways and big, the way the best books do. Teresa Link writes like a dream, inhabiting her characters so thoroughly that I felt like they were dear friends whose missteps I watched with horror and whose triumphs I celebrated as though they were my own.” —Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Arrivals and the forthcoming So Far Away

“In Denting the Bosch Teresa Link gleefully combs through the wreckage of three crumbling marriages in the relentlessly perfect world of Southern California. With her sly sense of humor and generosity of spirit she reveals startling and tender truths about friendship and the deep desire for home.” —Lisa Fugard, author of Skinner's Drift

“Teresa's Link's electric gift is her ability to turn disruption into a cause for hope. With wit, charisma, and vital characters, Denting the Bosch tells the story of three women, in three different couples, and how they build up their lives after the unexpected shatters their relationships. Set against the background of Sea Ranch, the planned utopian community in Northern California, this novel is both a search for home and a testing of the ideals that have shaped us. I couldn't put it down.” —Paul Lisicky, author of The Burning House, Famous Builder, and Lawnboy

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Link's pleasant debut follows three middle-aged friends as they navigate unexpected faults in their heretofore fairy tale marriages. After 911, Adele and Drew Gold happily moved from New York to San - Publishers Weekly

About the author

Teresa Link

TERESA LINK was born on the campus of Notre Dame and raised on the Jersey Shore. She holds a BA and an MFA in theater and has worked throughout the United States and abroad as an actress, dramaturge, and director. She has written for the stage, television, and film, and her travel writing has appeared in numerous publications. She lives in California, but not for long.

Teresa Link

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