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Beyond the Wild Blue

Beyond the Wild Blue

A History of the U.S. Air Force, 1947-2007

Walter J. Boyne

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The second edition of Beyond the Wild Blue, an update of the popular history originally released in 1997, is a fascinating look at sixty turbulent years of Air Force history. From the prop-driven armada of World War II to the most advanced Stealth weaponry, from pioneers like General Henry "Hap" Arnold to glorious conquests in the Gulf War, Beyond the Wild Blue is a high-flying study of the triumphs (and failures) of leadership and technology.
In three new chapters, Walter Boyne covers an eventful ten years, including 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the second Gulf War, describing in detail the technological advancements that led to highly efficient airstrikes in Iraq. He also takes stock of the Air Force's doctrine and mission statements as this unique sector of the military grapples with an ever-changing world.



The Man of Influence

In just sixty years the United States Air Force has grown from a disorganized giant, mired in the jumble of too rapid demobilization after World War II, to the most influential military service in the world today....


Praise for Beyond the Wild Blue

“Boyne...has pieced together a tightly packaged saga of the Air Force's origins and evolution.” —Space News

“A survey of Air Force history from the time it succeeded the old Army Air Corps after WWII. A comprehensive study of the development of the Air Force and a spirited argument for the necessity of long-term planning.” —Kirkus Reviews

“[Boyne] writes as fluently and gracefully as ever.” —Booklist

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Walter J. Boyne

WALTER J. BOYNE is a retired colonel of the United States Air Force, and the former Director of the National Air and Space Museum. He has written forty books of fiction and nonfiction, including the bestselling Weapons of the Gulf War and The Wild Blue (written with Steven L. Thomson). He makes his home in Ashburn, Virginia.

Walter J. Boyne

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