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First Digs

First Digs

The Quasi-Adult's Guide to Decorating with Style---Without Blowing Your Budget

Yee-Fan Sun

St. Martin's Griffin




Good-bye dorm, so long mom and dad, and hello new digs! Whether your rent, buy, or share your first home or apartment, getting it to look great without spending a lot of money can be a challenge. Yee-Fan Sun comes to the rescue with this engaging guide to decorating, refurbishing, and repurposing so you can leave those milk crate bookshelves and sagging futons behind. Packed with DIY solutions and guidance on how to personalize your new home, First Digs covers everything you need to know to decorate, organize, and maintain a cool, comfortable space that reflects your own unique style.

First Digs features:
· Guidelines on how to prioritize and allocate a miniscule budget
· Savvy bargain-hunting advice
· How to spruce up home furnishings
· Tips on painting like a pro
· Illustrations throughout
· DIY projects for lighting, slipcovers, window treatments, wall hangings, and more!

Learn how to make the move into your first home a little easier, much more creative, and a lot of fun!


First Digs

chapter one
choose your own (living) adventure
it was so easy back in the college dorm days. Fill out some forms, submit them to the random gods of housing assignment, cross your fingers, and hope...


Praise for First Digs

"By artfully walking the line between open-mindedness and a knowledge of one's own decorating style, those following Sun's advice will be rewarded with an affordably decorated, unique and comfortable home. " —Publishers Weekly

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Yee-Fan Sun

YEE-FAN SUN, a graduate of Harvard University, is the founder of, an online magazine that provides practical home and living information for the "post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation."

Yee-Fan Sun

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