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Robert Rave

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Taylor Green is a corn-fed young man from the Midwest who stumbles into New York without a clue, a contact, or a proper wardrobe. Through true serendipity (or possibly misfortune), he is hired by the outrageous, Jennifer Weinstein, the sleepless city's most notorious public relations diva. Quickly morphed into her most trusted assistant and confidante, Taylor is sucked into a whirlwind of restaurant openings, gossip columnists, and fashion shows. Suddenly Taylor is in the core of a world he never knew existed, a world of sex, greed, power, and fame, that's ruled by Jennie Weinstein herself. Under Jennie's guidance, Taylor quickly discovers that there isn't a catastrophe, betrayal, or person that can't be spun to suit the client's needs. The perks are sweet: rubbing elbows (and other appendages) with big-name celebrities, the sudden opening of velvet ropes, and thousands of dollars worth of free designer duds. But like all swag, it comes at a price, and Taylor struggles to balance his own definition of sanity with that of Jennie's drug-fuelled, high-intensity world.

The stakes only get higher as Taylor rapidly climbs New York's social ladder and Jennie's assignments become increasingly bizarre. Finally, when his relentless pursuit of "spin" threatens to spin his own life totally out of control, Taylor is forced to decide whether the cutthroat ends of a top public relations business justify the diabolical and often hilarious means to a successful career.

Funny, sexy, and irresistibly dishy, Spin is a shocking look behind the scenes of the glittering celebrity world.


Praise for Spin

“With its inside views of a corrupt yet glamorous lifestyle and its witty tone, the book is sure to please fans of the sub-genre.” —Publishers Weekly

Spin by Robert Rave is a delightfully snarky and hilariously biting peek into the world of high-stakes public relations. With scathing wit and a gimlet eye towards celebrity culture, Rave serves up a delicious tale of rivalry, revenge, and redemption. I adored Spin and didn't want to see it end. You need two things in your beach bag this summer - sunblock and Spin.” —Jen Lancaster, New York Times bestselling author of Pretty in Plaid

“Robert Rave takes you on a behind-the-scenes walk on the dark-side of all the grit, vanity and backstabbing of the PR world and in the end you will be left ‘Spinning'.” —Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper, New York Times bestselling authors of Celebutantes

“Robert Rave offers an X-ray look into the wicked perversions that make up the celebrity PR world. Dirty, sexy, funny. And compulsively readable.” —J.J. Salem, author of Tan Lines

“Rave, a former entertainment publicist, delivers an impressive debut novel about the dirty world of celebrity PR.” —

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About the author

Robert Rave

ROBERT RAVE, a former New York City-based publicist, has worked on numerous public relations campaigns and high profile special events in the lifestyle, fashion, nightlife and entertainment industries. After retiring from the business of "spin," Robert is writing full-time and currently resides in Los Angeles. Spin is his first novel.

Robert Rave

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