One of Those Malibu Nights

Elizabeth Adler

St. Martin's Press

New York Times Bestselling Author of Meet Me in Venice

It was just one of those Malibu nights, dark as a velvet shroud, creamy waves crashing onto the shore, breeze soft as a kitten’s breath....

But when Private Investigator to the stars, Mac Reilly, hears the sound of a woman’s scream over the crashing waves, his low-key beach-bum lifestyle is changed forever. A beautiful, distraught woman wearing only a black lace negligee stands in the doorway of a fabulous beach house. In her hand, a gun, and it’s pointed directly at him.

Mac escapes her bullet, but barely. Who is that woman? Days later she’s disappeared and the Smith & Wesson she almost killed him with finds its way into his car.

Not so coincidentally, Allie Ray, star of the big screen and America’s sweetheart, has also gone missing. The two women are connected, and Mac suddenly finds himself tangled up in a web of deception. He’s going to need some help if he’s going to get to the bottom of it all. 

This is where Sunny Alvarez comes in. Sunny and Mac have an on-again, off-again relationship. Lately it’s been more off than on. But now he needs her more than ever.    Together they go on a quest that takes them from Southern California, to the beaches of Mexico, to the streets of Rome, and the countryside of France. All the while they’re one step behind an elusive murderer and one step ahead of an actress who wants nothing more than to get lost….

With Elizabeth Adler’s trademark descriptions, plot twists, and irresistible characters, One of Those Malibu Nights is beach-reading suspense at its best. 


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Chapter One  It was not the kind of night, nor the kind of place, where you’d expect to hear a woman scream. It was just one of those Malibu nights, dark as a velvet shroud, creamy waves crashing onto the shore, breeze soft as a kitten’s breath.

Mac Reilly, Private Investigator, was walking the beach alone but for his dog. His lover, Sunny Alvarez, had taken off for Rome after a slight "disagreement" concerning their future. But that was an ongoing story.

Mac lived in the famous Malibu Colony, habitat of movie stars and showbiz moguls and megabucks persons of every


Praise for One of Those Malibu Nights

"Adler's story is perfect reading material for a hot day. Her descriptive words whisk readers away for a walk on the beach or to an outdoor cafe to savor a cup of coffee."
--RT Book Reviews
"Offers plenty of romantic élan and international intrigue."
--Publishers Weekly
"The perfect beach read for mystery lovers."

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Fiction Review: One of Those Malibu Nights by Elizabeth Adler / Author . St. Martin's $24.95 (390p) ISBN 978-0-312-36449-6

Mac Reilly, an L.A. PI who hosts a cold case crime show called Mac Reilly's Malibu Mysteries , investigates a hot case or two in this sparkling novel of roma

- Publishers Weekly

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  • ELIZABETH ADLER is the internationally acclaimed author of twenty-two novels. She lives in Palm Springs, California.

  • Elizabeth Adler
    Elizabeth Adler


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