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Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers

Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers

Kerry Smith

St. Martin's Griffin




If you're one of the more than five million people who will go on a cruise vacation this year, you may be wondering how to choose between the many cruise lines, ships, and destinations that are available. You may be looking for a cruise geared towards adults, one where both you and the grandkids can have fun, or a cruise on which singles are catered to as much as couples. The key to great vacation is knowing what you need in one convenient place.

Looking for an Alaskan cruise in an intimate, Old World-style ship, or a huge ocean liner that can keep all ages happy during a Caribbean family reunion? Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers helps you, the traveler, determine what kind of cruise experience fits your personality and then tells you how to find it, describing every cruise line and detailing their fleets, ship by ship, so you can choose the perfect vacation! The book also includes tips on budgeting your trip, as well as the options for booking through travel agents, directly with the company, or online. It even helps you choose the best time to travel and the most comfortable cabins.

A cruise vacation is an adventure. Make the most of it with Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers!



Before you pick up a brochure, study a port of call, or ring up Aunt Min to tell her you're going on a cruise, decide what you expect from the experience. It sounds basic and a bit like psychoanalysis,...


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Kerry Smith

Kerry Smith is the author of Walt Disney World for Mature Travelers. He is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel and the editor of Florida Retirement Lifestyles.

Kerry Smith

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