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The Secret of The Secret

The Secret of The Secret

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller

Karen Kelly

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The bestselling blockbuster The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes has taken America by storm. The Secret of "The Secret" explores the explosive success of The Secret as well as the intriguing people and ideas behind it.

The Secret has already become a runaway sensation. All across America, people are clamoring to embrace it. Karen Kelly delves into this extraordinary phenomenon -- What IS the secret? Where did it come from and does it really work?

The Secret of "The Secret" also investigates why this little book, particularly in America, has struck such a chord--does hope always spring eternal in the U.S.? What is it about our culture that has historically drawn us to seek answers and change our destiny using the power of the mind and the universe? Scholars and popular culture experts provide perspective on what makes the idea so appealing.
Several participants from The Secret share their behind-the-scenes stories and insights. Renowned psychologists, scientists, and theologians, weigh in on the power and limits of positive thinking and The Law of Attraction (the basis behind The Secret). Uncover the scientific and religious roots that form the building blocks of The Secret, as experts evaluate the author's claims about the various connections between these principles and "the secret."

Finally, the answers to the burning questions behind one of the biggest success stories of our time have arrived. Discover The Secret of "The Secret."



The Secret of The Secret by Karen Kelly--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Karen Kelly's The Secret of The Secret: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller. The Secret has taken the book world by storm, giving people the power to live happier, more prosperous lives through the law of attraction. In the same vein as Breaking the Da Vinci Code, The Secret of "The Secret" takes an independent look at the people and the ideas behind the bestseller and examines what made The Secret so successful.


Praise for The Secret of The Secret

“Kelly's straightforward writing style, inherent grasp of the content's subtleties and natural skepticism give readers a big-picture view of The Secret and its success. Readers who want to examine the real facts behind the phenomenon will not be disappointed.” —Publishers Weekly

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Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly is a prolific author and journalist. She has collaborated on a number of non-fiction books, including Get Serious About Getting Married and Starring You! The Insiders' Guide to Using Television and Media to Launch Your Brand, Your Business and Your Life. She has written articles for The New York Times, Natural Health Magazine, Yoga Journal, and The Wall Street Journal. Kelly also worked as a senior editor at Warner Books and was Editorial Director of Daybreak Books, Rodale's personal growth imprint, acquiring titles by Montel Williams, Darcy O'Brien, and Victoria Moran.

Karen Kelly

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