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The Killer

The Killer

Tom Wood

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The hunter has become the hunted

Victor is a freelancer, a professional, a killer---the best there is. He's ice cold, methodical, and deadly. He lives alone. He operates alone. No one knows his background, or even his name. For him, business is a straight transaction. He's given a job; he takes out the target; he gets paid.

He's in Paris to perform a standard kill and collect for an anonymous client. The contract is simple, routine, and Victor completes it with trademark efficiency, only to find himself in the middle of an ambush and fighting for his life. Faced with powerful and determined enemies, and caught in the crossfire of an international conspiracy unfolding across four continents, Victor is forced to go on the run across a winter-ravaged Europe. Pursued by the authorities, hired assassins, and intelligence agencies from both sides of the Atlantic, he discovers that no place is safe for him anymore and there is no one he can trust.

But Victor is no easy target, and he's every bit as ruthless as those hunting him. He will find out who wants him dead and why, one corpse at a time.

Debut author Tom Hinshelwood has written a classic cat-and-mouse thriller for the twenty-first century that takes off from the very first page and never lets up. Filled with adrenaline-charged action worthy of the big screen, The Killer will have readers looking down the barrel of a gun at every turn.
The Killer was previously published under the title, "The Hunter".


Praise for The Killer

“A series of Eurozone cities provide a picturesque backdrop for the ensuing gunfights, stabbings, and explosions--not to mention sunken missiles, corrupt C.I.A. agents, and hulking Russian mobsters. The result is both a lively read and an impressively intricate thriller.” —The New Yorker

“A superlative fiction debut... Nonstop action that veers and twists from one ferocious gun battle, double cross, and betrayal to the next... Thriller fans will be eager to see more from this bright new talent.” —Publishers Weekly

“Crackles like the early work of Robert Ludlum... Hinshelwood brings an appealing and enigmatic main character into the mix, creating a refreshing and relentless story line.” —Booklist

“No one asked me to read Tom Hinshelwood's The Killer. I happened to pick it up because it looked interesting -- and what a terrific discovery: The Killer is a nonstop, breathless, trimmed-to-the-bone thriller with action sequences that are absolutely state-of-the art. It's the best chase novel I've read in years.” —Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Paranoia and Vanished

“Jack Reacher meets Thomas Crown in an electrifying thriller.” —bestselling author Simon Kernick

“This bang-up thriller is just begging for the big screen.” —Library Journal

“Filled with twists mostly caused by double and triple crosses, thriller fans will relish the action-packed The Killer which never stops for a breathing break. Victor holds the storyline together as he goes from smooth remorseless paid killer to target of other professional killers including legalized government assassins. Sub-genre fans will enjoy his escapades to stay alive.” —The Mystery Gazette blog

“Hinshelwood is extremely skillful at serving small portions of information as the story unfolds. A first-rate mystery is created as a result. Add to that, the pleasure of having a rather likable main character – even if he is a contract killer. The complexity of the storylines and the plot twists are entertaining, but require the reader to pay close attention.” —New Mystery Reader

“Very stylish, tough, exhilaratingly amoral... The title character, a killer for hire, actually is our "hero" and you will find yourself rooting for him--he does have a code (of sorts), and his adversaries are uniformly worse than he is. Although the milieu is completely different, he reminds me of the great Richard Stark's character Parker (not a hired killer, but certainly a killer).” —Ellenville Shawangunk Journal

“Hinshelwood's writing style is crisp and clean, and he keeps the reader interested. Outstanding elements for a first time novelist. Not only did the story keep me reading on the writing style made it that much easier to read and not want to put down. The Killer is a killer read.” —The Sacramento Book Review

“A thriller of the highest order ---- opening at breakneck speed and never really letting up…. There's a story line rich in characters and intrigue, and Hinshelwood keeps his foot hard on the gas pedal the whole way…. If Hinshelwood can keep writing at this level, future entries in the series could well turn Victor into the kind of memorable prototype that Tom Ripley and Jason Bourne have become.” —The North County Times (San Diego)

“The large cast list means only one thing; action and lots of it as various parties vie for supremacy in a battle-royal which could threaten the balance of power as we know it. The plot is created carefully and is used as a device for bringing the action scenes together, although it is highly credible. The prose is sharp and to the point, setting the scene for the adventure to unfold before the reader.” —

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About the author

Tom Wood

TOM WOOD is a freelance video editor and scriptwriter. He was born in Staffordshire, England and now lives in London. The Killer is his first novel. He has also been published under the name Tom Hinshelwood.

Tom Wood

Tom Hinshelwood



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