A Horse of Her Own

Annie Wedekind

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Fourteen-year-old Jane Ryan has always dreamed of having a horse of her own—but so long as she gets to ride her favorite school horse, Beau, at Sunny Acres farm, she’s content. And this is the summer she means to try out for the advanced riding class.
      But just as camp begins, Jane receives heartbreaking news about Beau. She loses, not just her favorite horse, but also her chance to ride in the end-of-summer competition. When her trainer asks for her help with an out-of-control chestnut warmblood, Lancelot, a newcomer to the barn, she has no choice but to say yes.
     There’s another new addition to the farm: Ben Reyes, the grandson of the barn's manager. As Jane struggles to go on without Beau, and to make Lancelot the great horse she believes him to be, her feelings for Ben, her relationships with the privileged group of girls she rides with, and her painful, joyous road to self-discovery all lead to a heart-pounding conclusion that is truly a new beginning. Only Jane’s faith in Lancelot, and her own rediscovered skill and strength, can see her through the hard journey toward a horse of her own.


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Horse of Her Own, A
Chapter 1The Beginning of SummerThere was no doubt that Alyssa Taylor was an excellent rider. Slim and poised, with a straight, relaxed back and lower legs like iron, she had a casual way of sitting on a horse like it belonged to her, as if she were favoring it with her seat and hands. This easy dominance was of a piece with the rest of her life--her tanned good looks and mature figure, her super-low-cut jeans with perfectly frayed cuffs, her expensive school, and her natural popularity.As she watched Alyssa canter her dainty Arab mare, Ariel, over a combination jump, Jane



  • Annie Wedekind discusses her book, A Horse of Her Own

    Annie Wedekind discusses her debut novel, A Horse of Her Own, with her son and cat.



Praise for A Horse of Her Own

“Sensitive, sophisticated and lyrically written, Wedekind’s debut portrays the typical teen struggle for self-awareness in an anything-but-typical fashion. Possibly the most honest horse book since National Velvet, from an equestrian point-of-view, this offering’s riding scenes combine accuracy with seat-of-the-pants excitement. A champion.”—Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“There aren't a lot of books around for horse-mad girls these days . . . . where oh where are the horsey novels? Thank goodness for Annie Wedekind. She has written an utterly charming novel that should be placed into the hands of horse-loving girls immediately upon publication.”—kidliterate.com


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  • Annie Wedekind

  • Annie Wedekind grew up riding horses in Louisville, Kentucky. Since then, she’s been in the saddle in every place she’s lived, from Rhode Island to New Orleans, South Africa to New York. A Horse of Her Own was her first novel and was praised by Kirkus as “possibly the most honest horse book since National Velvet . . . A champion.” She is also the author of The Breyer Horse Collection books, including Wild Blue, Little Prince, Samirah’s Ride, and Mercury’s Flight. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Annie Wedekind


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A Horse of Her Own

Annie Wedekind

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