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Swimming with Sharks / Track Attack

Swimming with Sharks / Track Attack

Two Books in One

Gym Shorts

Betty Hicks; Illustrated by Adam McCauley

Square Fish




Swimming with Sharks
Rita's times aren't fast enough to swim for the Sharks with her friends. To improve she must learn flip turns, but every time she tries, she gets water up her nose! Jazz has an idea that might be the key to Rita's success, but what if Rita comes in first on a slower team? Would she rather win or be with her friends? Or is there another way for Rita to swim with the Sharks?

Track Attack
Jazz loves being on a track team where she sprints fast as a lightning bolt. Her dad loves that she's on the team, too. He's her biggest fan—maybe too big a fan. He argues with the coach, yells at the ref, and screams his head off at every meet. Jazz loves to run, but can she focus on the race while Dad is having a track attack?



Bug Juice

Henry felt lucky. He had four friends.

Exactly enough to make a basketball team.

To Henry, playing sports was better than triple-scoop ice cream....


Praise for Swimming with Sharks / Track Attack

“Once again, Hicks captures a young person's feelings of excitement and frustration while mastering a sport. Rita's warm friendships add a strong story line, and kids will be inspired by the combination of her individual determination and her willingness to ask for and accept help from her peers. McCauley reinforces all the action and emotion in his lighthearted, stylized sketches. A good chapter-book choice for sharing aloud or suggesting to confident new readers.” —Booklist

About the author

Betty Hicks; Illustrated by Adam McCauley

BETTY HICKS is the author of Out of Order and Busted! (both available from Square Fish). She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina.

ADAM MCCAULEY is the illustrator of the successful middle-grade fiction series The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka and Louis Sachar's Wayside School books.

SIMON GANE is a professional illustrator who lives and works in Bath, England.

Betty Hicks

Betty Hicks

Adam McCauley

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