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Armor of God

Armor of God

A Thriller

Paul Block and Robert Vaughan

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Father Michael Flannery is Keeper of the Sign, prophesied to bring the gospel of peace to the world. On his way to New York for a landmark symposium of the world's largest religious groups, Flannery barely escapes assassination. Not content with possessing the scroll, Via Dei is determined to tie up loose ends and ensure that Father Flannery's message never gets out.

Interwoven with this modern-day suspense is the story of Tobias Garlande, a scholar living during the First Crusade. Burdened with terrifying visions of future tragedies, Tobias is the first Keeper. His connection to Father Flannery echoes across centuries with a simple warning: You must not fail.

Combining international intrigue and suspense with fascinating historical detail, Armor of God continues to explore the ramifications of true faith with a compelling tale of past and present religious turmoil and touching human drama.

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Three initiates, bare from the waist up, lay facedown on the marble floor. At the head of each stood a disciple wielding a flagellum bearing nine cords embedded with bits of sharpened bone.

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Praise for Armor of God

“An exhilarating blend of relentless adventure, scholarly intrigue, and cutting wit.” —The Mississippi Press on The Masada Scroll

“This is a book that delivers in every way: a great concept, a fascinating journey, and high-class storytelling. The Masada Scroll will take you to new places and open your mind to new ways to look at the world. It is the right book at the right time for those of us who seek the ultimate answers to the world's many troubles. I enjoyed The Masada Scroll as I have enjoyed few other contemporary novels.” —Greg Tobin, author of Conclave and Selecting the Pope

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About the author

Paul Block and Robert Vaughan

Paul Block lives in Albany, New York, where he is executive producer of, the website of the largest newspaper in the capital region. He is the author of sixteen novels.

Robert Vaughan has authored more than two hundred books in almost every genre.

Paul Block

Robert Vaughan

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