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Hot Girl

Hot Girl

A Novel

Dream Jordan

St. Martin's Griffin



It's summertime in Bed-Stuy "Do or Die" Brooklyn, and Kate is feeling down in the dumps. Not only is she tired of her raggedy, tomboy image, but she's also missing her best friend, Felicia, who's away for the summer. Lonely and not exactly getting along with her new foster mother, Lynn, Kate so badly wants to be out and about, twirling pretty, and partying---and maybe catching the attention of her longtime crush, Charles.

Opportunity knocks one hot summer day when fly-girl Naleejah struts her stuff straight up to Kate and takes a seat. Full of smiles, Naleejah tells Kate that she remembers her from school, but Kate can't remember ever having such a fabulous chick trying to befriend her. Kate's suspicion turns to trust once Naleejah gives her a much-needed makeover.
Now a brand-new Kate suddenly has the attention of her dream boy. But is Naleejah checking for him, too? Against Kate's better judgment, she ignores the warning signs, and continues to let Naleejah lead her down a treacherous path. Soon, what seems like a fun and exciting summer ends up being a harsh reality check. Now Kate must decide how to get back on the right track . . . or is it already too late?


Praise for Hot Girl

“Teen readers will relate to the smart, strong-willed protagonist, Kate….Jordan's thoughtfully rendered characterizations and explanations for Kate's behavior are refreshingly authentic. This novel has the makings of a YA classic, and every YA collection should have a copy. Readers will hope for a sequel.” —Vanessa J. Irvin Morris, Drexel University, Philadelphia for Library Journal

“Dream Jordan's Hot Girl is a fantastic first novel…the content reflects the struggles and choices facing a young girl wanting to belong with her peers and also within a family. My students have showered accolades on Hot Girl.” —Amy Cheney for School Library Journal

“Characterizations are strong, and voices realistic….Jordan sends a message about doing the right thing…The outcome of Kate's story is positive, and those looking for soft street-lit titles will find the book appealing.” —Emily Anne Valente, New York Public Library for SCHOOL School Library Journal

“Librarians will be pleased with an urban fiction offering that does not drag its characters through melodramatic depravity but instead shows teens how it is possible to consciously choose the direction of one's life.” —Diane Colson, VOYA

“With authentic dialogue and honest situations, [Hot Girl] will resonate with teens…Many readers will unconsciously absorb some of Kate's grit, determination, and hope by the end of this realistic novel.” —Frances Bradburn, Booklistonline

“Readers will fall in love with Jordan's triumphant heroine as she navigates the foster care system with wisdom, wit, endurance and hope...a refreshing and touching read.” —Kalisha Buckhanon, Alex awardwinning author of Upstate and Conception

Hot Girl is a must read... Kate is a young girl struggling to stay positive in the midst of the notorious foster care system. Her wit and perception as she narrates this tale will make readers laugh, cry and cheer her on. This is a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is tale that every young person can learn from. Dream Jordan has burst on the scene in a big way! ” —Tracy Brown, Essence bestselling author of White Lines

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About the author

Dream Jordan

Dream Jordan is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a bachelor of arts in creative writing. In her spare time, she visits schools to give talks promoting self-awareness and the value of education.

Dream Jordan

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Dream Jordan

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