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The Hermetic Millennia

The Hermetic Millennia

Book Two of the Eschaton Sequence

The Eschaton Sequence (Volume 2)

John C. Wright

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Continuing from Count to a Trillion, Menelaus Illation Montrose—Texas gunslinger, idealist, and posthuman genius—has gone into cryo-suspension following the discovery that, in 8,000 years, a powerful alien intelligence will reach Earth to assess humanity's value as slaves. Montrose intends to be alive to meet that threat, but he is awakened repeatedly throughout the centuries to confront the woes of an ever-changing and violent world, witnessing millennia of change compressed into a few years of subjective time. The result is a breathtaking vision of future history like nothing before imagined: sweeping, tumultuous, and evermore alien, as Montrose's immortal enemies and former shipmates from the starship Hermetic harness the forces of evolution and social engineering to continuously reshape the Earth in their image, seeking to create a version of man the approaching slavers will find worthy.

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A.D. 2535
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Praise for The Hermetic Millennia

“R . A. Lafferty meets A. E. Van Vogt in a cakewalk through a future full of antimatter, alien artifacts, transhumans, an Iron Ghost, a Texas gunfighter, and a Space Princess. Well worth the price of admission.” —Michael Flynn, author of The January Dancer on Count to a Trillion

“This is much more than a space opera, and fills your mind with intriguing, startling possibilities. John Wright’s novel is bursting with ideas, blending mythology, machine and human evolution, mathematics, space travel, and much more. The hero, Montrose, is caught in the crosshairs of deadly, highly unusual foes—and his fate could very well determine the fate of everyone on Earth. Ultimately this is about human survival and potential, the future of mankind across a trillion star systems.” —Brian Herbert, coauthor of the Dune series on Count to a Trillion

“Spectacularly clever…in weaving together cutting-edge speculation along the outer fringes of science. Highly impressive.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

John C. Wright

JOHN C. WRIGHT is an attorney turned SF and fantasy writer. He has published short fiction in Asimov's SF and elsewhere, and wrote the Chronicles of Chaos, The Golden Age, and The War of Dreaming series. His novel Orphans of Chaos was a finalist for the Nebula Award in 2005. The Hermetic Millennia is his second novel in the Count to a Trillion series.

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