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Raising a Child with Soul

Raising a Child with Soul

How Time-Tested Jewish Wisdom Can Shape Your Child's Character

Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

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With the seemingly insurmountable pressures placed on families today, many parents lack the spiritual foundation and practical knowledge to chart a clear-cut course in child-rearing. Parents question whether nurturing their children's souls is even possible in the fast-paced materialistic culture in which we live. Utilizing the insight that springs from her knowledge of Torah wisdom, her personal experiences and the experiences of those she has counseled, Slovie Jungreis-Wolff, a longtime parenting coach and advisor to young couples and families teaches in detail how to approach the entire gamut of issues, with a special emphasis on strengthening the child's morality and character. Parents will learn how to:
• Instill simchas hachayim, "true joy," in their children
• Value chessed, kindness, in a self-absorbed world
• Create a mikdash me'at, a home filled with calm and reflection
• Teach children gratitude and appreciation
• And much more…
From discipline to sibling rivalry to effective communication skills, Raising a Child with Soul offers unique concepts and pragmatic ideas that can be understood and applied to both Jewish and non-Jewish households.


Chapter one

Raising Spiritual Children

I gave birth to my son Eli on the holy day of Shabbos. Mendy and I couldn't wait to share the excitement with our family. As soon as the Sabbath was over, my parents drove our children...


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About the author

Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

Slovie Jungreis-Wolff is a freelance writer and parenting instructor. She is the daughter of Esther Jungreis, renowned rebbitzen, author of Life is a Test, The Committed Marriage, and The Committed Life and founder of Hineni International. Slovie has taught Hineni Young Couples and Parenting classes at the Hineni Heritage Center in New York City for more than ten years.

Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

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Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

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