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Inside the Meat Grinder

Inside the Meat Grinder

An NFL Official's Life in the Trenches

Chad Brown and Alan Eisenstock

St. Martin's Press




Welcome to the violent world of NFL referee Chad Brown, where three-hundred-pound men hurtle at each other at supercharged speeds. Where intimidation is a way of life. And where Chad is the man marked in stripes, the man in the middle, the man who throws the yellow flag-or doesn't. This electrifying book exposes the hard-hitting reality of life in the trenches for an NFL referee, including:

* On-Field Action: what players and coaches are really saying on the field in the heat of battle.
* Dirty Tricks: how NFL players have perfected the art of escaping penalties-or getting them called on an opponent.
* Ballistic Coaches: what it's like to have everyone-coaches, players and a whole stadium full of fans-trying to intimidate you every moment of the game.
* Instant Replay: why the video tape can make an official look like a fool or a genius-and why sometimes the tape lies.

Packed with action and inside stories on some of the game's greatest players-and biggest whiners-Inside the Meat Grinder is a hard-hitting look at hardcore NFL action, where Chad Brown, a boy hell-raiser turned football player turned NFL zebra, plays the toughest position on the field...


Inside the Meat Grinder

The Super Bowl.
The biggest single event in sports.
And I'm here, thought Chad Brown. Invited. Chosen, in fact, by the National Football League. Hell, one of...

About the author

Chad Brown and Alan Eisenstock

Chad Brown has been an NFL official for seven years. He has worked wild card and play-off games, including the 1998 AFC Championship Game between the New York Jets and Denver Broncos. He served as an alternate at Super Bowl XXXIII. Chad also played in the National Football League for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Oilers, and New Orleans Saints. He lives in Carson, California, with his wife Deborah, and twin sons, Devin and Trent.

Alan Eisenstock has written for television, film, and the theater and has published articles in numerous magazines, including The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Runner's World, and Referee. Inside the Meat Grinder is his first book. He lives in Pacific Palisades, California, with his wife, Bobbie, his son, Jonah, and his daughter, Kiva.

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