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Personal Notes

Personal Notes

How to Write from the Heart for Any Occasion

Sandra E. Lamb

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Do you dread writing notes to say "Thank you," "I'm sorry," or "Congratulations"?

When's the last time you sent a handwritten letter to a faraway friend, just to catch up?

What should you write to a grieving friend or colleague? How do you let friends know you're getting a divorce?

As our lives get busier and faster-paced, the old-fashioned art of personal correspondence is becoming sadly lost. In this upbeat, wise, and witty guide, journalist and lifestyle expert Sandra Lamb offers a wealth of advice, inspiration, and examples for anyone who wants to add flair, voice, and plain old fun to their letters and notes---as well as anyone who wants to know the etiquette of when and what to write. Using colorful examples and practical advice, the book covers thank yous, congratulations, engagements and weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, births and adoptions, appreciation, love notes, illness and accidents, divorce, condolence, regrets, apologies, and forgiveness.

This delightful, indispensable guide helps us rediscover the joy of connecting with others through the simple act of putting pen to paper.


Praise for Personal Notes

“Sandra Lamb's book reinforces the principles of etiquette, reminding us that writing personal notes is a vital way of sharing appreciation and respect with others. Handwritten correspondence is an art form that is far from lost.” —Peggy Post, etiquette expert and author

“It happens to us all: Our minds go blank and our pens float uselessly above the white space when that sympathy or 'congratulations' card comes 'round to us at work, or we have to send out a thank-you note for a gift that didn't float our boats. Never fear: Sandra E. Lamb has some good advice for dealing with such situations in Personal Notes. One good recommendation: Don't be dishonest, but do couch your truth-telling in good old-fashioned tack.” —John Mark Eberhart, The Kansas City Star

“Know your own heart, open it, and share it honestly with those in your life. These are the secrets to rich and rewarding relationships. Lamb, in Personal Notes..., offers the keys to doing these things well.” —John Gray, of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

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Lamb, who previously offered guidance in How to Write It: A Complete Guide to Everything You'll Ever Write, now addresses a particular gap in many people's writing capabilities: the social note requir - Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Sandra E. Lamb

Sandra E. Lamb is the award-winning author of How to Write It: A Complete Guide to Everything You'll Ever Write. A former columnist for The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News, she has written relationship/psychology articles for national women's magazines such as Family Circle and Woman's Day. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

Sandra E. Lamb

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