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The Blind Date Guide to Dating

The Blind Date Guide to Dating

Frank Thompson

St. Martin's Griffin




Love watching car wrecks but don't want to be in one? Then you will love The Blind Date Guide to Dating. It's the book that covers everything you ever wanted to know about love, dating, and the hottest show on television today.

The Making of Blind Date--Learn all about the show, from how to get on it to the editing process to the writing of all your favorite characters, such as Therapist Joe, Sarcastic Sid, Dr. Date, and Mr. Mean

Sexiest Hot Tub Moments--Get a behind-the-scenes look at the favorite destination of all the crazy blind-daters, plus etiquette tips for when it's your turn. Hint: Make sure the bubbles are not your own

What You Didn't See--Because the dates don't stop when the cameras turn off, we will show you the material that was just too hot for the networks.

Hot Dating Tips--Great tips on how not to be as clueless but definitely have as much fun as the wild blind-daters.

Therapist Joe--That's right, he is a real person, and in his special sections, he answers all the questions you wanted to know, and some that you didn't about relationships, from the one-night stand to tying the knot.

The Best and Worst of Blind Date--From love connections to blind date meltdowns, all the crazy Blind Date moments that you can't look away from and can't believe happened.


Dating Do's and Don'ts … Blind Date-Style

DO … bring a quarter, or, in some metropolitan areas, thirty-five cents, to make an emergency escape call. Or a cell phone. Or walkie-talkies.
DON'T … use the cell...


Praise for The Blind Date Guide to Dating

“Love is nothing but a cruel joke that reduces strong human beings to quivering piles of jelly, and no TV show captures this process better than the syndicated Blind Date.” —Entertainment Weekly

About the author

Frank Thompson

Frank Thompson is one of the producers of Blind Date and has written seventeen books along with numerous articles for The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The San Antonio Express, and The Boston Globe. He has also written, directed, produced, and appeared in a number of documentary films. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Frank Thompson

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