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By the Time You Read This

By the Time You Read This

A Novel

Giles Blunt

Henry Holt and Co.




Detective John Cardinal is on the hunt for an ingenious killer even as he mourns his own wife's tragic death in this thriller of heart-stopping suspense

Autumn has arrived in Algonquin Bay, and with it an unusual spate of suicides. The most shocking victim yet is Detective John Cardinal's wife, who has finally succumbed to her battle with manic depression. As Cardinal takes time to grieve, his partner, Lise Delorme, handles an unsavory assignment: a young girl appears in a series of unspeakable photos being traded online, and background elements indicate she lives in Algonquin Bay. Delorme is desperate to find the girl before she suffers more abuse.

When Cardinal receives a string of hateful anonymous notes about his wife's death, he begins to suspect homicide. His colleagues believe he is too distraught to think clearly, and he's forced to investigate alone. In doing so, he comes up against a brand of killer neither he—nor the reader—has ever seen before.

In his most masterful and thrilling novel yet, Giles Blunt confirms his reputation as a rising international star in crime fiction, and positions Detective John Cardinal among the finest characters in the genre.


Chapter One

Nothing bad could ever happen on Madonna Road. It curls around the western shore of a small lake just outside Algonquin Bay, Ontario, providing a pine-scented refuge for affluent families with young children, yuppies fond...


Praise for By the Time You Read This

“Emotionally involving and intellectually challenging, with all the excitements of a good crime story.” —Reginald Hill, author of The Stranger House

“Ingenious.” —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“A thought-provoking, complex novel of suspense, with one of the most chilling literary villains since Hannibal Lecter.” —Bookpage

“The most beautifully written, deeply felt page-turner of the year.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The fourth crime novel featuring Detective John Cardinal may give acclaimed Canadian author Blunt the popular recognition he is due. . . Suspense and a relentless sense of doom pervade . . . even the most minor characters are rendered in vivid detail. . . . In Blunt's dark world, even the seemingly well-meaning are eyed with suspicion, for demons lurk in places civilized souls least expect.” —Booklist (starred review)

“An unexpected yet utterly realistic twist lifts this novel into extremely exciting (and entertaining) territory. Sharp dialogue, complex characters and a satisfying conclusion should help Blunt, who has won Britain's Silver Dagger and Canada's Arthur Ellis Award, win new readers in the U.S.” —Publisher's Weekly

“Blunt makes his characters starkly real. And the grimness of his plot aside, his touch with local color makes his native Canada in early autumn seem almost idyllic.” —St. Louis Dispatch (Named one of their Best Mysteries of the Year)

“Brilliantly paced. . . . Blunt's best novel. It's guaranteed to satisfy fans of the Cardinal series and attract new readers looking for an intense psychological thriller with astonishing depth.” —The Tucson Citizen

“Giles Blunt poses two major puzzles in [his] most affecting Algonquin Bay novel to date.” —Toronto Star

“[Blunt] once again proves he can set the scene better than almost anyone else in the crime genre, putting the reader right into Algonquin Bay with all its autumnal glory, its painful lives and sordid little secrets. There is something else Blunt excels at, and that is shedding light on the chilling inner workings of the criminal mind.” —The Globe and Mail

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About the author

Giles Blunt

Giles Blunt is the winner of Britain's prestigious Silver Dagger and Canada's Arthur Ellis Award, and has been short-listed for the Hammett, Anthony, and Macavity awards. He lived for twenty-two years in New York, working as a screenwriter and bartender, before returning to his native Canada to write full-time. His new novel No Such Creature will publish in Spring 2009.

Giles Blunt

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