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A Bump in the Road

A Bump in the Road

From Happy Hour to Baby Shower

Maureen Lipinski

St. Martin's Griffin




When twenty-seven-year-old event planner and blogger Clare Finnegan got married, she didn't mind moving out of the city. After all, a suburban existence didn't necessarily equal domesticity, book club parties, and a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. But when, after a weekend in Vegas, Clare discovers she's pregnant, she is thrown into a world where eating lunchmeat is equivalent to smoking crack and maternity clothes appear to have been molested by a BeDazzler. In the midst of her slow transition from beer bottles to baby bottles, Clare juggles burgeoning Internet stardom, plans Chicago's biggest black-tie gala, wrangles her traditional in-laws who are scandalized by her every choice, and attempts to keep the peace between her two feuding best friends. Not only funny but smart, sassy, and witty, to boot, this is a debut novel that will have you laughing for a good nine months.


Chapter One

Sunday, April 22

Earlier on the plane:

"This is why we're never having children," Jake said as he lurched forward in his airplane seat again.

"Relax. Didn't you...


Praise for A Bump in the Road

“Witty, wonderfully written, and leaves the reader dying to be this woman's very best friend. What a great new voice on the women's fiction scene.” —Susan Reinhardt, author of Not Tonight, Honey: Wait ' Til I'm a Size 6

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About the author

Maureen Lipinski

Maureen Lipinski lives in Chicago with her husband, two morbidly obese cats, and one demented dog. She discovered the true meaning of irony when, shortly after completing her novel, she became unexpectedly pregnant with her son. She continues to work full-time and signs her paycheck directly over to the nanny.

Maureen Lipinski

Dottie Lipinski

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