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The Assailant

The Assailant

Lieutenant George Hastings (Volume 3)

James Patrick Hunt

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CO-ED SLAIN. That's the call that brings St. Louis Police Lieutenant George Hastings to the downtown banks of the Mississippi River, where Reesa Woods has been strangled and dumped. The hard-charging Hastings is no stranger to murder, but he's stuck without any leads until a second body—also strangled—turns up across town and he knows he's chasing a monster.

A talented doctor with an otherwise ordinary and enviable life, Raymond Sheffield has some very dark needs. His first victims are targets of opportunity, but his ambitions go far beyond that. He's formed a taste for killing, and his only interest is in getting better at it.

As the violence mounts, the line between upstanding citizens and their secret desires gets thinner and thinner in this thrilling game of catch-me-if-you-can from acclaimed crime novelist James Patrick Hunt.


Chapter One


The young woman of twenty-two slowed her walk. She heard the name called again and then she turned to look at the caller. "Ashley," he said. "It is you. Hey," he said. Smiling now. Ashley...


Praise for The Assailant

“Equal parts thriller and procedural… [The killer's] cat-and-mouse game with Hastings is carefully and disturbingly rendered.… Darkly entertaining.” —Booklist

“Hunt unspools this gripping plot at breakneck speed. Not a word seems wasted, whether in breathtaking action sequences or in back-story sketches of the book's various players.” —The Wall Street Journal on Goodbye Sister Disco

“Hunt's roller coaster of a crime thriller has it all--great characters, plenty of action, and a nail-biting ending.” —Library Journal (starred review) on Goodbye Sister Disco

“The superbly drawn characters in this mix of thriller and police procedural would do Joseph Wambaugh or Michael Connelly proud.… Another fine piece of work.” —Booklist (starred review) on Goodbye Sister Disco

“Densely woven, economical and utterly assured. Hunt plots like a veteran of urban warfare.” —Kirkus Reviews on The Betrayers

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About the author

James Patrick Hunt

JAMES PATRICK HUNT, a practicing lawyer, was born in Surrey, England. A graduate of St. Louis University and Marquette University Law School, he is the author of two previous Hastings novels and now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

James Patrick Hunt

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