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Uncle Daddy

Uncle Daddy

Ralph Fletcher

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)




Does Rivers have room in his life for two very different fathers?

"The truth is Uncle Daddy isn't either my father or my uncle. He's actually Mom's uncle. I was three years old when he came to live with us."

Since Rivers's real father left him and his mom six years ago, Uncle Daddy has been taking care of Rivers in all the ways a dad cares for a son -- even teaching him how to play baseball. Then his real father returns. Rivers is confused and angry. He had always thought that he'd express his anger at his father by socking him in the stomach. Now, face to face with him, Rivers' feelings are more complicated than he'd imagined. Will the reappearance of his dad affect his relationship with Uncle Daddy? This heart-felt story, told from the point of view of a nine-and-a-half-year-old boy, is filled with insight and touches of humor.

"Beneath the wild humor, there are surprisingly subtle messages about responsibility and courage." - School Library Journal

Christopher Award for Books for YR, Christopher Awards - Winner


Uncle Daddy and I are out hiking through the woods. We're surrounded by pine trees so dense the forest seems almost gloomy. But a bit farther the path opens into a sunny little meadow. We have to stop a...


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Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher is the author of many highly-acclaimed books-from picture books, the illustrated chapter book Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble, to poetry collections for teenagers and writing instruction guides for teachers. His previous novels for middle-grade readers include Flying Solo, Spider Boy and Fig Pudding. Ralph lives with his family in New Hampshire.

Ralph Fletcher

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