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The Goats

The Goats

Written and illustrated by Brock Cole

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Harmless camp pranks can quickly spiral out of control, but they also provide a perfect opportunity for two social outcasts to overcome and triumph.

A boy and a girl are stripped and marooned on a small island for the night. They are the "goats." The kids at camp think it's a great joke, just a harmless old tradition. But the goats don't see it that way. Instead of trying to get back to camp, they decide to call home. But no one can come and get them. So they're on their own, wandering through a small town trying to find clothing, food, and shelter, all while avoiding suspicious adults—especially the police. The boy and the girl find they rather like life on their own. If their parents ever do show up to rescue them, the boy and the girl might be long gone. . . .

The Goats is a 1987 New York Times Book Review Notable Children's Book of the Year.

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Goats, The

The Island
WHEN HE came back to the beach with wood for the fire Bryce grabbed him from behind. The firewood scattered, bouncing off his knees and shins.
"Okay, Bryce," he said. "Cut it out." He tried to sound...


Praise for The Goats

“A significant addition to the body of children's literature.” —Starred, The Horn Book

“A sensitive portrayal of that perilous time when young people are discovering their real strengths but must still bow to adult authority, a tale of underdogs triumphant, a powerful and beguiling story of survival and transformation.” —Starred, Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Written and illustrated by Brock Cole

BROCK COLE is the author of several highly acclaimed novels as well as the author and illustrator of many picture books, including Good Enough to Eat, Buttons, and Larky Mavis. He's also the illustrator of George Washington's Teeth, available from Square Fish. He lives in Buffalo, New York.

Of his first novel, The Goats, Anita Silvey wrote in a Horn Book Magazine editorial, "The Goats reaffirms my belief that children's literature is alive and thriving." Betsy Hearne, editor of The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, lauded it as "one of the most important books of the decade."

Brock Cole

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Brock Cole

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