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Pale Death

Pale Death

A Lee Nez Novel

Lee Nez (Volume 3)

Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo

Forge Books




A string of mysterious, gruesome deaths in the Shiprock area has attracted the attention of FBI agent Diane Lopez, who is stunned to learn that one of the victims was a childhood friend. To Diane, the killer is unmistakably a vampire—but the only vampire she knows of is Lee Nez, a State Police officer who prefers his blood chilled in the refrigerator, not hot from someone's neck.
Supernatural explanations for the deaths abound—some believe they are the work of the "goatsucker" spirit, others that the killer is an extraterrestrial. Lee Nez, assigned to the case at Diane's request, privately agrees with her that there's a vampire on the loose, but announces that they are looking for a serial killer.
Lee and Diane discover that the victims all worked for a secret government lab that was studying a captured vampire, Stewart Tanner. Half-insane from being experimented on, Tanner broke free and took revenge on the doctors and technicians who had been torturing him.
Desperate to remain free, Tanner threatens to continue killing federal employees unless the US government agrees to leave him alone. In a violent confrontation, Tanner discovers that Lee is a vampire. Believing Lee is colluding with the government, Tanner vows to kill him.
Complicating matters, forensic specialist Dr. Victor Wayne, who began the case as a skeptic—believing Tanner had a rare blood disorder—has begun to believe in vampires. And has turned his attention on Lee . . . .
Trying to turn Dr. Wayne back into a skeptic while protecting federal workers, tracking down Tanner, and staying alive—or at least undead—taxes all of Lee Nez's abilities, natural and supernatural.

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To a vampire, expertly applied sunblock could literally mean the difference between life and death. For New Mexico state police officer Lee Nez, a half vampire--night walker in Navajo terms--it...


Praise for Pale Death

“Is there anything a Navajo half-vampire cop can't handle? Apparently not. Paced like a hundred-yard dash and yet still somehow a leisurely read. Cross-genre entertainment at the top of its form.” —Kirkus Reviews on Second Sunrise

“An entertaining start to a new mystery series.” —Locus on Second Sunrise

“Fast-paced and exciting.” —Booklist on Second Sunrise

“A fantastic blend of reality and the supernatural. My only complaint: having to wait for the next installment.” —Romantic Times Bookclub on Second Sunrise

“Filled with plenty of excitement and intrigue, with enough vampire lore to keep fantasy fans happy and enough thrills to keep mystery readers turning the pages.” —Booklist on Blood Retribution

“Expands on the intriguing Navajo legends at the heart of the story. The Thurlos' facility with deft plotting keeps the story moving at a brisk pace. Vampire aficionados will enjoy a look at nightwalkers from a unique cultural viewpoint, and mystery fans will relish the action and clever resolution.” —Romantic Times Bookclub on Blood Retribution

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About the author

Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo

David and Aimée Thurlo are the authors of the Ella Clah series, the Sister Agatha series, and two previous Lee Nez novels, Second Sunrise and Blood Retribution. They have also written Plant Them Deep, which features Rose Destea from the Ella Clah series, and The Spirit Line, a novel for young adults. The Thurlos live in Corrales, New Mexico, with an ever-changing menagerie.

Aimée Thurlo

David Thurlo




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