"Light" (Volume 4)

Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Winter Musgrave remembers nothing about her life except for the bare bones of her childhood and pieces of her years as a successful trader on Wall Street.  She fears she has gone mad--but is it madness when objects shatter when she grows angry and the doors and windows of her home unlock and open while she sleeps?  When mutilated corpses of small animals appear on the doorstep of her isolated farmhouse?

Desperate, Winter seeks help at the Bidney Institute for Psychic Research.  With the help of Truth Jourdemayne, Winter recalls that she had once been a member of a magickal circle—one that left something behind . . . . Truth is no stranger to the paranormal, but she isn't prepared for the strength and fury of the thing that is hunting Winter and her old friends. 

Winter must gather the scattered remnants of her circle.  It won’t be easy, not with her best friend dead—murdered by magickal evil—and her old love, Hunter Greyson, long missing.  Grey calls to Winter in her dreams, begging for her help . . . but how can she find a man she can barely remember?

With a new package sure to appeal to today’s readers, Witchlight returns to print after a five-year absence. 

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1A Winter's TaleA sad tale's best for winter. I have one of sprites and goblins.--WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 
THE HOUSE was called Greyangels. It had been built in the last years of the old colony and added to in the first years of the new nation. Old orchards from its days as a farm still surrounded the house; their hundred-year-old trees long past fruiting but still able to bring forth a glory of apple blossoms each spring. But the house's days of ruling over acres of corn and squash and rows of neatly barbered apple trees were long past. Now, only the house


Praise for Witchlight

“Readers who enjoy a healthy dose of the paranormal mixed in with their suspense and romance will find this book to be just their cup of tea.  Reminiscent of some of Barbara Michaels’ early works, Witchlight is a fascinating story.”--Gothic Journal

“A fabulous novel.”--Midwest Book Review

“Packs in fine supernatural and fantasy elements.”--The Bookwatch

“Suspense and character move this psychic quest novel along smoothly.  An excellent read.”--Denver Post

“A good read, a challenging puzzle with some unusual twists, a mix of science and the occult that makes it seem believable that all this magic could be going on all around us, oblivious and uninitiated as we are.”--Locus

“Bradley at her best.  Witchlight is a well-told tale full of mystery and wonder.”--Rapport

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  • Marion Zimmer Bradley

  • MARION ZIMMER BRADLEY was the New York Times bestselling author of The Mists of Avalon and other Avalon titles, the Darkover science fiction series, and many other novels.  She won the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Before her death in 2000, Bradley had lived for several decades in Berkeley, California.



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