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The Boy Who Would Live Forever

The Boy Who Would Live Forever

A Novel of Gateway


Frederik Pohl

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In 1977 Frederik Pohl stunned the science fiction world with the publication of Gateway, one of the most brilliantly entertaining SF novels of all time. Gateway was a bestseller and won science fiction's triple crown: the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial awards for best novel. Now, more than twenty-five years later, Pohl has completed a new novel set in the Gateway universe. The Boy Who Would Live Forever has a sense of wonder and excitement that will satisfy those who loved Gateway and will delight new readers as well.
In Gateway, long after the alien Heechee abandoned their space-station, Gateway (as humans dubbed it) allowed humans to explore new worlds. The Heechee, alarmed by the alien Kugel whose goal was to destroy all organic lifeforms, had already retreated to the galactic core where they now lived in peace. Now, in The Boy Who Would Live Forever, humans with dreams of life among the stars are joining the Heechee at the core, to live there along with those humans and Heechee whose physical bodies have died and their minds stored in electronic memory so that their wisdom passes down through the ages.

Their peace is threatened by the Kugel, who may yet attack the core. But a much greater threat is the human Wan Enrique Santos-Smith, whose blind loathing of the Heechee fuels an insane desire to destroy them and, incidentally, every living being in the galaxy.

Stan and Estrella, two young people from Earth, went to Gateway looking for adventure, and found each other. They settle among the Heechee on Forested Planet of Warm Old Star Twenty-Four, never suspecting that they may be the last best hope to save the galaxy. But with allies like Gelle-Klara Moynlin--one of the galaxy's richest women, who isn't content to just have money, but wants to use her wealth for good, and machine mind Marc Antony-a wonderful chef to thousands of living and stored clients, they are destined to contend with Wan's terrible plan. Frederik Pohl has woven together the lives of these and other memorable characters to create a masterful new novel.

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From Istanbul to the Stars
On Stan's seventeenth birthday the Wrath of God came again, as it had been doing every six weeks or so. At the time Stan was alone in the apartment,...


Praise for The Boy Who Would Live Forever

“A masterpiece by one of SF's greatest talents and a certain candidate for top SF awards.” —Booklist on Gateway

Gateway is one of those rare gems: a deeply human story set against the wonders and beauty of the infinite starry universe. Fred Pohl, Old Master that he is, has broken new ground for the science-fiction novel.” —Ben Bova, Editor, Analog Magazine, on Gateway

“Frederik Pohl, one of the old pros of the genre never takes unnecessary risks. For him, science fiction is a form of play--an excusable indulgence since he plays it better than most people. His new novel is based on a wonderfully satisfying SF premise . . . The Heechee space station--known as Gateway--is the ultimate roulette wheel. The odds are lousy, but the jackpot is so large that there are always gamblers willing to try their luck.” —The New York Times Book Review on Gateway

“The plot combines mystery and adventure with an excellent profile of a very lucky anti-hero. An outstanding work which is highly recommended.” —Library Journal on Gateway

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Frederik Pohl

Bestselling, multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning SF author, Frederik Pohl has written over twenty successful novels, has been the award-winning editor of SF magazines and anthologies, has been lauded as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, has collaborated on classic SF novels such as The Space Merchants as well as having written such fine solo novels as Gateway, Beyond the Blue Event Horizon and Man Plus, and has been active in a myriad of other ways in the field for many decades. He lives in Palatine, Illinois.

Frederik Pohl

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