The Letter Killeth

Once the college football season draws to a close for the Fighting Irish, there is little reason to ride out the winter in South Bend, Indiana. Those who can leave do, but P.I. Philip Knight stays on at Notre Dame when the university asks him to discreetly investigate a rash of threatening letters that have been sent to a number of administrators, including the new football coach, who resurrected the team in a single year.
While conspiracy theories are as prevalent as the cold, Philip and his brother Roger think the letters are probably a prank or possibly a student paper's attempt at yellow journalism but nothing more. Then a controversial professor's car is set on fire, a man is found dead on campus, and the Knight brothers find themselves hot on the trail of a killer in Ralph McInerny's tenth mystery set at Notre Dame.


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Part One Winter lingers in northern  Indiana, and snow continues to fall well into March, courtesy of Lake Michigan. Sometimes, of course, snow comes fluttering down with all the sweetness of a Christmas card, the weather almost balmy, puffs of breath before the face a delightful joke. More often than not, however, the temperature hovers around zero, and snow comes in on a blast of frigid wind that sends students scurrying across the campus from room to library to class to dining hall, all bundled up  like Nanook of the North. Fortunately the campus walks are quickly cleared or it


Praise for The Letter Killeth

Praise for Ralph McInerny:
"Most readers will be converted to die-hard Notre Dame fans and possibly Catholicism."
--Kirkus Reviews on Irish Coffee
"Mr. McInerny creates a pleasantly malicious microcosm for the antics that follow."
--The Wall Street Journal on Green Thumb
"McInerny is in top form, wittily sending up academic infighting, student grading, benefactor kowtowing, and (this being Notre Dome) stadium seating at home football games."
--Kirkus Reviews on Celt and Pepper
"Notre Dame and excellent mystery stories rejoice: Ralph McInerny's latest Knight brothers tale is a gem."
--Rocky Mountain News on Irish Tenure
"Entertaining . . . McInerny's book, and any in this series, certainly warrants a thumbs-up."
---San Antonio Express-News on Irish Coffee

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  • Ralph McInerny

  • RALPH McINERNY is the author of over thirty books, including the popular Father Dowling mystery series, and has taught for more than fifty years at the University of Notre Dame, where he is the director of the Jacques Maritain Center. He has been awarded the Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement Award and was recently appointed to the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities. He lives in South Bend, Indiana.
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