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Ashes of Heaven

Ashes of Heaven

The Lame Deer Fight - May 7,1877 and the End of the Great Sioux War

The Plainsmen Series (Volume 13)

Terry C. Johnston

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Ashes of Heaven
Terry C. Johnston

The U.S. Army's goal: to wipe out the remnants of scattered, starving people on the frontier's Northern Plain. But before Colonel Nelson A. Miles, the Bear Coat, launched his spring campaign into the heart of Indian country, the commander took one last stab at negotiations—and called on a Cheyenne woman and the famous half-breed pony scout named Johnny Bruguier. Together, they traveled to the valley of the upper Rosebud River to urge the Sioux to surrender. But a personal grudge exploded in the ranks of the U.S. Army. Now, as a man and a woman risk their lives for peace, the culmination of the great Sioux War is set in motion, and the Bear Coat takes on the last of the fierce Lakota warriors...


Praise for Ashes of Heaven

“Rich and fascinating…There is a genuine flavor of the period and of the men who made it what it was.” —Washington Post Book World

“The author's attention to detail and authenticity, coupled with his ability to spin a darned good yarn, makes it easy to see why Johnston is today's bestselling frontier novelist. He's one of a handful that truly knows the territory.” —Chicago Tribune

“Action-packed...lively, lusty, fascinating.” —Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

“Johnston is a skilled storyteller whose words ring with desperation, confusion, and utter horror of a fight to the death between mortal enemies.” —Publishers Weekly

“Meticulously researched…genius.” —Rocky Mountain News

“Johnston [is] the great frontier historical novelist of his generation.” —Spur Award-winning author Paul Andrew Hutton, of Phil Sheridan and His Army

“Excellent...keep[s] readers in suspense.” —Fred Werner, noted Western historian

“Johnston can be considered the king of the Indian wars' fiction writers.” —John D. McDermott, author of A Guide to the Indian Wars of the West

“Memorable characters, a great deal of history and lore...and deep insight into human nature, Indian or white.” —Booklist

“Johnston's way of telling his story will capture your imagination!” —Guns & Ammo

“Gutsy adventure-entertainment...larded with just the right amounts of frontier sentiment.” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Terry C. Johnston

Terry C. Johnston, born on the first day of 1947 on the plains of Kansas, lived his whole life in the American West. His first novel, Carry the Wind, won the Medicine Pipe Bearer's Award from the Western Writers of America, and his subsequent books have appeared on bestseller lists throughout the country.

Terry C. Johnston

Terry C. Johnston

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