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The Waiting Child

The Waiting Child

How the Faith and Love of One Orphan Saved the Life of Another

Cindy Champnella

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The inspiring true story of a four-year-old Chinese orphan who convinces her adoptive American family to return to China to rescue the little boy she couldn't forget

Adopted by an American family at age four, Jaclyn traveled to her new home with a great burden. Her new family had to leave behind a little boy who had been under her charge at the Chinese orphanage where Jaclyn fought the odds against abandonment, institutionalization, and hunger---not for herself, but on behalf of this even smaller child, whom she regarded as her responsibility.

Jaclyn's saga spans oceans and cultures. The Waiting Child is an extraordinary story of human resilience in the face of profound loss and suffering---and a testament to the ability of a loving heart to prevail over great adversity. Jaclyn's unshakable determination to bring to her new life the child she had cared for in the institution, the one she believed with all her heart was "her baby," will change all assumptions made about the human spirit. In the end, this moving story affirms everything that is good and hopeful in life, when, after a two-year effort, the little boy is brought to this country as the adopted son of Jaclyn's American aunt and uncle.


Praise for The Waiting Child

“Many adoptive parents can tell amazing tales about how their children joined their amily, but few are as remarkable as Cindy and Rick Champnella's” —Child Magazine

“Personal, tender, and inspiring, reflecting what can happen when there are plenty of resources, love, and faith.” —The Ann Arbor News

“Sensitively pitched, moving, and refreshingly unsentimental:” —Kirkus

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About the author

Cindy Champnella

Cindy Champnella is very active in the adoption community and is a passionate advocate for and speaker on adoption issues. She and her family live in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Cindy Champnella

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