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The Defense

The Defense

A Legal Thriller

D. W. Buffa

Henry Holt and Co.


Dynamite defense attorney Joseph Antonelli has never lost a case--or felt the sting of conscience for letting the guilty go free. "I can deceive anyone," he says, "and no one more quickly or more completely than myself." Now the man he most admires, the honorable Judge Rifkin, has asked him a favor: Defend a drug dealer accused of raping his twelve-year-old stepdaughter. Yet in D. W. Buffa's The Defense, Antonelli's acceptance of the case sets in motion an explosive chain of corruption, betrayal, and murder that will leave no one unscathed. . . .


Praise for The Defense

"Aside from being a gripping courtroom drama, made up of not just one but several exciting trials, the story deals with the perplexing issue of whether lawyers ought to worry about the implications of defending people they know to be guilty. More satisfying still, it ends with a couple of twists that are really shocking. And it leaves you wanting to go back to the beginning and read it over again." - The New York Times

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About the author

D. W. Buffa

D. W. Buffa completed a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Chicago and worked as a defense attorney for ten years. The author of The Prosecution, he now lives in Walnut Creek, California.

D. W. Buffa