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Magnitude 8

Magnitude 8

Earthquakes and Life Along the San Andreas Fault

Philip L. Fradkin

Henry Holt and Co.



Magnitude 8 is the archetypal natural disaster defined. To understand the cataclysmic earthquake that will tear California apart one day, Philip L. Fradkin has written a dramatic history of earthquakes and an eloquent guide to the San Andreas Fault, the world's best-known tectonic landscape. The author includes vivid stories of earthquakes elsewhere: in New England, the central Mississippi River Valley, New York City, Europe, and the Far East. Always, he combines human and natural drama to place the reader at the epicenter of the most instantaneous and unpredictable of all the Earth's phenomena. Following the San Andreas Fault from Cape Mecino to Mexico--canoeing the fault line in northern California and walking underground through the Hollywood fault--noted environmental historian Philip L. Fradkin reclaims the human dimensions of earthquakes from the science-dominated accounts.


Praise for Magnitude 8

“Fradkin tackles his topic expertly and with a keen sense that earthquakes are social as well as geological events that have shaped not only the landscape of the state but also the attitudes of those who live there.” —Publishers Weekly

“[An] elegant, at times breathtaking, environmental history” —Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

Philip L. Fradkin

Philip L. Fradkin is the author of several highly acclaimed books on the American west, including The Seven States of California. He shared in a Pulitzer Prize as a journalist and for the last twenty years has lived adjacent to the San Andreas Fault in California's Marin County.

Philip L. Fradkin

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