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A Big-Enough God

A Big-Enough God

A Feminist's Search For A Joyful Theology

Sara Maitland

Henry Holt and Co.


A Big-Enough God continues the author's literary challenge by offering Christians a path for spiritual journey that encourages belief in a deity that is larger than our imagination. Free from the constraints of doctrine or ecclesiology, the author comes to her task, the joys of revelation, armed with a fresh feminist perspective. Writing as a Christian and a feminist, Maitland approaches the subject of a big-enough God that is beyond gender or image--but not beyond choice--to define theology as the art of telling--and listening to--stories about the divine. If God exists, it is as a being which wishes above all to reveal itself in its work and which labors constantly in its relationships with its creations.


Praise for A Big-Enough God

“A beautifully written book” —Publishers Weekly

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