Aaron Richard Golub

Aaron Richard Golub grew up in Worchester, MA. He attended Clark University for his undergraduate degree and received his law degree at the University of North Carolina. After a brief career as a stock broker and rock band manager, Golub started his own law practice a mere five years out of law school after passing the New York Bar in 1972.

Golub is now one of the most powerful trial lawyers in New York, recently featured in GQ's "12 Guys You Should Know" section (May 1999), for his high-profile cases. Among the more famous of his cases were his defense of Donald Trump in the 100 Central Park South case, and of the photographer who took nude pictures of an underage Brooke Shields (and getting Shields to admit she "liked" the defendant on the witness stand). On the other side of the equation, Golub has been the prosecuting attorney in equally high-profile cases, including his ground-breaking common-law marriage suit against actor William Hurt, and suits against Bob Guccione and Rex Reed.

Golub has been featured on the cover of NEW YORK magazine (and referred to as a "Ninja lawyer"). THE BIG CUT is his first book.

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The Big Cut

Aaron Richard Golub
St. Martin's Press

Seduced by peril--and cold, hard cash--street-smart Johnny Ocean has earned himself an Upper East Side townhouse, a faithful Sikh butler, and a reputation for...

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