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Christian Dussart

Christian Dussart is a professor in the Department of Marketing at HEC Montréal and Distinguished SMA Professor for the Society of Marketing Advances (SMA).  He is also a visiting professor at HEC Paris.  He received his Higher Business School Degree and his Master of Arts from the University of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada and his PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium in 1986.  Before joining HEC Montréal, Professor Dussart held academic positions at the University of Sherbrooke, University of Ottawa, Ontario, the University of Québec at Montreal, Paris Graduate School of Management, Solvay Business School, Brussels, Sorbonne, Paris, CEDEP & INSEAD, Fontainebleau, TUCK SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Dartmouth College and MIT, Sloan.

Dussart specializes in the areas of customer value creation, positioning, digital marketing strategy, globalization, and wiki-marketing and is published in both English and French.  He is currently researching the reinvention of business models with both an effectual approach and a service-dominant logic of marketing. 

His academic accomplishments are accompanied by practical experience in the field.  He was the President of La Brioche Dorée, a fast-food chain in Canada and the United States from 1977-1980, the President and Chairman of Dussart Marketing and Research from 1984-1992, and the President and Chairman of Dussart Independent France from 1992-1998.  In addition, he served as the President of Sogemark from 1998-2004 and is a member of the board of the AFM (French Marketing Association).

As a truly global author, Dussart has written several books in both English and in French and has published near 100 articles in referred reviews, magazines, and proceedings around the world.

He is a renowned speaker in both academic and business conferences.


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How to Reverse Commoditization Hell in the Age of Customer Capitalism

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Christian Dussart
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