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Erica Silverman
FSG Talks to Author Erica Silverman Where did you grow up?
When I was very little, my family lived in Brooklyn, New York. Then we moved to Queens. I spent a great deal of time at my grandmother's apartment in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. We used to walk to the public library on Twenty-third Street. I remember climbing the stairs up to the children's room and seeing all those books just waiting for me. Now I go to a library that lets you take out fifty books at one time. I bring a gym bag and fill it up!
Have you had other jobs?
Yes. I've been a waitress, a health counselor, and a nursery and elementary school teacher. I've sold tickets for sailboat rides and cut onions to make onion rolls. Most recently, I taught English as a second language, and high school English to adults. It was a great job because I learned so much from my students.
What are some of your interests?
I am a big fan of women's basketball. I am interested in animals and like going places where you can see wildlife. If I could, I would have all kinds of pets. For now, I only have four cats. I like all sorts of music, jazz, folk, contemporary, opera, etc. I have recently begun exploring the Internet. Also, I am a bit of a snoop. I love listening in on people's conversations. (I try not to be obvious, but there are so many interesting stories out there!)
What made you decide to become a writer?
I loved reading and listening to


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