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Ivaylo Vassilev

IVAYLO VASSILEV (BA, MA, PhD) is a Political Sociologist and currently Research Associate in the Teesside Business School, University of Teesside, UK. Whilst completing his PhD (on the sociology of trust) at Lancaster University he was a tutor in sociology. Forthcoming publications include: Globalisation and Industrial Change in the Clothing Industry of Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine: A Micro-Level View, co-authored with Christos Kalantaridis and Svitlana Slava, Environment and Planning; 'Risk', 'Trust' and the Myth of 'Mental Health Services co-authored with David Pilgrim, Journal of Mental Health; and Ambiguities of Trust: Postsocialism, Markets and Underdevelopment, East European Politics and Societies .


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Examining Trust in Healthcare
A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Palgrave Macmillan
On the part of the patient, healthcare demands unconditional trust in the professional. But what is the nature of this trust, and to what extent is it...
Ivaylo Vassilev

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